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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Last Presidential Debate

I actually couldn't stand to watch the debate. My wife watched it for me, and then didn't tell me a thing about it. Pointless, really. I know how I'm voting and no debate will change my mind. I already know that Kerry's whoppers make Bush's supposed lies look like stone truth.

I am freaking AFRAID of Kerry. His voting record in the Senate, if extended to the Presidency, seems likely to mean striving mightily for a total national gun ban, a single-payer national health-care plan, and the UN involved intimately in our national security decisions, among other socialist things. What he SAYS in the campaign can't necessarily be trusted, but his voting record seems to me to be the REAL John Kerry. And his voting record is downright scary.

I thought Clinton was among the worst Presidents this nation has ever had, and I would prefer HIM back over Kerry.

I am praying for the campaign of GWB to make some sort of difference.

My favorite conspiracy theory has it that Kerry must lose this time, because Hillary must be free to run for President in 2008. I hope that's the case, anyway.


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