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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Temple Day

I spent much of yesterday attending and working in the Seattle Temple. Got home finally sometime past 11 pm. For the most part I was doing actual Temple "work", that is, officiating in a somewhat minor capacity rather than attending as a patron, and it was great! Besides the rewarding work, there were frequent "breaks" between sessions, and I took the opportunity to begin to re-read the Book of Mormon. So, between the scriptures and the Temple service, it was a very spiritually rewarding day.

Church today was likewise pretty rewarding. It was Fast Sunday, which, if you're not LDS, is a first-Sunday-of-the-month worship service in which members of the Church are invited to come to the podium, as they feel to do so, and express their "testimony" -- or knowledge of the truth --- and feelings of gratitude and committment to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Church, and the Gospel. I'm the Ward Clerk and it is my task to keep minutes of the meeting, which includes recording the name of each speaker. Anyway, we had a number of very good testimonies, and the meeting was very uplifting. During the rest of the meeting time (Sunday School and Priesthood Meeting) I spent the time in the office getting "stuff" done.


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