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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

New Dishwasher

I've spent the past two evenings up to my elbows in plumbing and electrical. Monday night I thought I might be able to swap the old dishwasher out without too much trouble. Man, was I ever mistaken. I installed it myself about 6 or 7 years ago, and compared to the kind of work I do these days, if I had hired myself to do the job back then, I would have fired my own self, it was so sloppy. It was definitely not "plug and play." Putting stuff back together went sort-of OK, except the hot water connection to the dishwasher now had an unstoppable leak (the seal on the supply line was probably toast). That wasn't too bad, until I realized that I had also managed to re-install the old dishwasher without re-tightening the outflow line, so if we ran it and it started pumping out the wastewater, it would have been all over the floor. Great! It was clear that the evening was well and truly up the spout along with the dishwasher.

I was up last night to 1 am after discovering at 10:30 pm that one of the water supply valves was toast --- thank goodness Fred Meyer is open until 11 pm and has such things in hardware, or else I would have had to keep the water turned off in the house until Home Depot opened at 7 in the morning! Can you imagine everybody trying to get ready for work in the morning without water? Wow. Anyway, as much trouble as it has been, ultimately it is an enjoyable activity cramped in under the sink laying in water leaking from pipes, trying to tighten connections in tight quarters with a big pipe wrench. I only had to re-tighten one connection after restoring water pressure last night about midnight, so it went pretty well, all things considered.

Tonight I came home and rebuilt part of the electrical system providing power to the dishwasher, as well as to the garbage disposal and stove (it's gas, but uses electricity to ignite the burners and such). It is now very much more safe and Electrical Code Compliant (probably). Once this was done I plugged the new dishwasher into power, water, and gray water. And Lo! and Behold! it works! It doesn't leak!

Now, about that mess in the kitchen... Shudder.


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