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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Iraqi Bloggers

Since I discovered blogging I've been trying to follow the writings of a number of Iraqi bloggers. Some of the bloggers I follow are in varying degrees in favor of the US emancipation of Iraq, and some can think only of the bad things that the emancipation has brought. Let me present a balanced quartet: four pro-Emancipation and four anti-Emancipation bloggers.

One of the more famous Iraqi blogs is Iraq the Model (ITM), and this is a pro-Democracy blog written by two of three brothers. The third brother used to blog there, too, but now writes his own, Free Iraqi. Just to group one more pro-Emancipation blogger together with these is Kurdo's World, blogged by an Iraqi Kurd. Altogether then, four pro-Emancipation bloggers.

Now, for the anti-Emancipation bloggers we have Baghdad Burning, blogged by a young woman in Baghdad styling herself as "Riverbend"; she has not been posting quite so much as she used to, but still puts out some lengthy pieces at least once per week. Then there's Raed in the Middle, blogged by Raed (of course). He was one of a very famous pair of bloggers back in the early days of the US Invasion ("Where is Raed?" who hasn't blogged since April 2004). Three of Raed's family members also blog in the same vein, and I'll mention his mother's blog, A Family In Baghdad, and Raed's brother, Khalid.

I also really have to mention Riverbend's recipe blog: Is Something Burning?. Not politics, but food! She started in November 2003, but hasn't posted anything new since December 2003, unfortunately. Interesting nonetheless. Especially interesting is the Lentil Soup and the Kaibab Iroog (kabobs that are fried instead of cooked on sticks).

I'll comment on these blogs in the days to come. In the meantime, if there's a visitor or two to my blog, please check out the Iraqi bloggers. Now, if you happen to visit the links on these blogs to other Iraqi bloggers, keep in mind that the pro's only seem to link to pro's, and the anti's seem to only link to anti's. It isn't that there's more of one kind than another (though there may be, who knows which it is, though?) but that birds of a feather flock together. That's a cliche, but still true.


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