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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Trying Firefox

I've been thinking about giving Firefox (the internet browser) a spin, so today I finally installed it. Afterwards I went to my personal homepage ( and poked around to see what it would look like in FF. I found a very peculiar thing on my Volcanoes, Etc tab, and that was that all the text after the Mt. Rainier link would go underline upon mouseover! The cursor would remain a text cursor, but the text decoration went to underline. Very peculiar, I thought, so I had a look at the HTML and found that I had made a mistake. The Mt. Rainier link was coded:

<a href="http://www...>Mount Rainier<a>

Just in case you don't catch it right away, the closing tag, "<a>", is incorrect. It should be "</a>". Apparently, Internet Explorer figured this out and just worked with it, but Firefox didn't. Underlining the text after the "<a>" is an interesting behavior, that's for sure. I'm not certain if this is a bug or not. Maybe IE should have treated this mistake the same way FF did.

Anyway, so far with FF there's that one anomaly. I'll probably find others.


  • At 8:29 AM, Blogger Dave said…

    Welcome to the B'nacle, Mike. A unique name like "cyberherbalist" is a great way to start. You might try out the Blogger hack for easier comment posting.


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