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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Raed vs the Neurotic Wife

Inveterate pessimist and Bush-basher Raed in the Middle writes:
"The current fake Iraqi elections are a fundamental part of the bush-administration's project in Iraq, the project that started fifteen years ago by old bush, and is under going by little bush.
Keeping in mind that she is living in Australia probably (while her husband works in Baghdad in the government in some capacity), the Neurotic Iraqi Wife, on the other hand, simply posts a photograph of the fingers of her right hand, with the ink-stained index finger, signifying that she has voted. She refers to this ink stain as the Mark of My Freedom, and says in conclusion:
"I guess thats all to report today, everyone was happy, chirpy and at the end of the day real real tired including moi. Most of all, EYES were exhausted searching in the massive crowds for the marked fingers, frowning if they dont see that mark, The Mark of Freedom......
The "fake" Iraqi election indeed.


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