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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Micro-ISV by Bob Walsh

I just yesterday picked up a book by Bob Walsh, a software developer / entrepreneur I was aware of, and I have to tell you, that if you want to start an internet business selling your own software product, you gotta buy this book and read it a few times! I'm only one-third the way through and I find it hard to put down. This is unusual, as I read technical books rather in fits and starts (because they're frequently fairly boring while being useful nevertheless), but this book is well written, highly informative, interesting, and so on. Walsh went to the trouble of interviewing a number of successful micro-ISV'ers and including the interviews in the book. And I just have to say it: this book is pure gold. HIGHLY recommended.

Bob also has a new website dedicated to the Micro-ISV'er:

The book can be had on Amazon, of course:


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