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Friday, February 24, 2006

Martial Arts

I'm sure this has happened to you -- surfing the net and suddenly you remember someone from long ago and wonder about what they're doing now, so you google them. A lot of times you get nothing, but for one reason or another I happened to think about the time after I served my LDS mission when I took a few martial arts courses. One of my instructors was named Brewster and he impressed me so much that I remember him after all these years. So I thought I would see what happened to him.

When I knew him, he was instructing in a dojo associated with the Universal Kenpo Kung-fu Association, so I ran UKKA and Brewster into Google to see what would pop out. About the eighth hit was UKKA all nicely spelled out so I had a look. Bingo! Fred Brewster! And from the internal evidence I could tell it was definitely my old sensei. Had forgotten his first name was Fred. Seems he's still kicking (or since he's a Kenpo fighter, punching), and is working as an instructor in a security training company named SafeHouse. Pop over to and search down the page for Brewster and there he is.