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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What else...?

I don't write much here. I love to write, but finding time to do it has become a problem. I was working on a book awhile back, but other concerns have taken precedence and so that, too, has gone by the wayside. It's not that the book is unimportant, far from it, but there's life outside of it. Besides, I sent out fifteen book proposals to publishers, and a little less than half have come back (rejected, of course, but that's expected). So, I am waiting and doing other things at the moment.

One of those things is remodeling a part of downstairs. I'm expanding the TV room into the first floor bathroom, and making the bedroom downstairs into the new bathroom. It will be quite a big bathroom, compared to the upstairs, or main bathroom, and significantly larger than the bathroom it replaces. It will have an actual bathtub! There is a lot to do before I get to that point, however. The interior wall of the old bathroom was damaged, rotted, and though the floor was not rotted, it definitely needed to be replaced. It and the joists holding it up.

Well, the new joists are in place, after repairing the supports for them so they could be hung, and the first sheet of flooring has been cut and laid down. Not attached, yet, however, as there is some plumbing I want to do before closing the floor up and making it necessary to enter the crawlspace from the side of the house, rather than from the TV room. So this work progresses!

On Sunday night I took the time to finally build the little QRP radio (the "Rock Mite") I bought as a kit last year. It turned out to be a lot less scary to build than I thought it was going to be. It was quite enjoyable. It might even work, when I get it finally attached to power and an antenna! Note that it is a Ham radio, and is a transceiver. I'll have to use my Morse code skills to communicate using it, too, as it doesn't have enough power to communicate using voice. It's specially made for Morse, and specially made for low power operation. That's what "QRP" means.

Well, that's it for now!